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About Me

Hello everyone, for all intents and purposes you can call me Morgan Le Shade. So glad you chose to take time out of your schedules to view my website (I really mean that). I am a freelance photographer who currently resides and works in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. My business started back in Tallahassee Florida during my college years in February of 2011 with a simple same sex female couple shoot and since then I've been trigger happy with my little Nikon camera. As of 2014 I started working in the nightlife industry working at various venues with my start being at Liquid Tampa. Since then I've worked with some very big names such as queens from RuPaul's Drag Race (Bianca Del Rio, Pearl, Violet Chachki, Jinx Monsoon to name a few), Alex Newell from Glee, and Lance Bass from N'SYNC and even Andrew Christian model Pablo Hernandez. I've also been published in local magazines, several blog postings and nominated for local awards. I'm so very glad I can share my passion that is photography with others around me, I love it so much it wakes me up in the morning with a smile. Please enjoy all that my website has to offer and have a wonderful day.


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