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About Morgan...

Hello, my name is Morgan or Morgan Le Shade as many call me. I am a proud black queer photographer based in Tampa/Wesley Chapel FL. I started doing photography back in high school as a hobby but didn't start doing anything truly professional till 2014 and then finally becoming a full time photographer in 2020. Since then I have experienced tremendous growth as an artist and have gotten to work with many individuals including famous musicians, drag entertainers, and even adult film actors which I am all very proud of. I've also been published online and in print in several publications as well. As of 2023 I was also won my first 1st place award of Favorite Local Photographer via the Watermark Wave Awards as well. 

I am well known for my drag and male erotica photographer which have become staples of my brand. When I first got into the art form those were two genres I never dreamed of touching but now its become such a big part of me and my brand and I love it.

Photography gets me up in the morning. It's a joy to bring peoples beauty to blossom and to watch the joys in the eyes as they see their AUTHENTIC selves through my lens. I am hoping for many more years of doing what I love.

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